Thursday, March 01, 2007

Love Boat

Arwyn ran a fever for a couple of days earlier in the week. As a consequence, we stayed home for two entire days and nights, finally escaping to Grandma's house last night for a reprieve. Two days of entertainment is about all I can sanely handle. Then the Cruise Director turns into the Dictator.

In between bouts of cleaning and laundry, Arwyn needed to play with "Mommy's markers". Apparently, my markers are the three highlighters kept in the middle drawer of the computer desk. Who knew.

Her masterpiece:

I snapped the pic before I was instructed to "draw a face with a bunny hat" and write the word "draw" over and over. She also entertained herself with an empty daily pill dispenser most of the day, asking me what each of the letters stood for repeatedly. I did not know I would be teaching the days of the week to a 2 year old who has no concept of time except for nap, it's not time for nap and it's not time for night-night.

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