Thursday, March 01, 2007

Alone Time

This week I was able to get all of my cleaning, laundry, grocery getting and errand running (my life is so thrilling) finished before Thursday, so I had some free time while Arwyn was at school. I chose to spend that time hitting a few thrift stores. I only had time to visit two, but hope to remedy that sad situation over the weekend.

I was feeling a bit of a thrifting slump, feeling quite sorry for myself actually, which is ridiculous. But THEN I ventured into an area of the shop I normally forget is there and found these two beauties for 25 cents each. When I got them home and removed the price tags I discovered that the one on the right is Harmony House China in the Blue Snowflake pattern.

I also picked up these vintage books for the girl child. Currently she could care less, but I thought they were awesome.

The rest of the images are from the "Around the World Cutout Book" by Annie Galst, which is just so incredibly darling. It is copyrighted 1964 and published by Wonder Books. It has a price of 29 cents on the cover. It is in excellent condition and has instructions on the last page for making your own cutout picture book.

All of the images look as if they are cut out of felt. It reminded me of Roz's work.

I might have to keep this one for myself. The thought of sticky little hands tearing the pristine pages makes me want to scream a little bit.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


Ninotchka said...

Oh, those cut outs are PRECIOUS! What a find!

theresa said...

the thrifting gods were with you that day--that felt book is amazing!