Monday, February 26, 2007

Fun on the Farm

This weekend Arwyn and I took a little trip to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins. They live on a small farm and they had 10 calves, but we only got to see one and it was kind of far away. Arwyn didn't really mind. She was just so very excited to be on the farm and see the cows. She wanted to get in the pasture and run around with them.

It was so fun to take her to a place that I loved as a child. The truly wonderful thing was, it hasn't changed one bit. It seems like so many times when you grow up everything is different than the way you remember it. My aunt and uncle's house is just the same. The only noticeable difference I could detect was the living room furniture. And it's not as if the house is falling down or anything, it was all just so wonderfully the same. Even the upstairs carpet is the same as I remember. I'm not against change, I just find it hard sometimes, especially with things that pertain to getting older. It was almost a relief to drive down that winding country road and see their house and barn sitting off to the side and feel like I was going to a very happy, peaceful place.

My cousin is a year older than me and we were very close when we were growing up. I got the most awesome hand-me-downs from her and would get SO extremely excited when they came for a visit. She usually got me in trouble of one sort or another, but I didn't care. It was fun.

In the summers she would come and stay with our grandma for a week and I would go to their house for a week. These were some of the best weeks of my childhood. I have fantastic memories of the time spent there. My aunt's big, comfy kitchen overflowing with her collection of cookbooks. My uncle telling long, involved and funny stories. My cousins running around, fighting with each other, and just being kids. Rollerskating in their garage. Riding my cousin's awesome purple bike with the banana seat. Climbing on huge, round hay bales. The smell of honeysuckle always in the air.

I hope I get to take my little rock star city girl back for many more visits.


tania said...

sounds like a lovely day!
and i love her hat!! super groovy-

tracy said...


my parents both grew up on farms and in june my mom and i will be taking the girls to a working sheep farm b and b for a couple of nights. i can hardly wait! xo