Thursday, January 11, 2007

Recent Finds & Craft

My MIL informed me that a thrift shop around the bend from her house was having a half price sale. Nothing to do but jump in the car and make a mad dash down the street. I came away with a whole box of items for under $5. It was a bit of a maze but worth the meandering aisles and claustrophobia.

A Mikasa butter dish with matching tea cup (not pictured). They also had a matching salt and pepper set, but I couldn't seem to convince myself that I "needed" them.

A school desk for Arwyn. This wasn't included in the half price sale, but I paid only $5 (It was marked $7 and I didn't even ask the guy to come down. This has never happened to me before, must be the red hair). Grandma got her the chairs sitting alongside. All we do now is sit at this table and make balls and cupcakes from Play Doh. Those little chairs were not made for my 31 year old behind. The things I do for art. Bubby is convinced Arwyn will get tetanus from the rusty spots on the desk.

A blue Ball jar and a sweet little cup painted with a bunny face. The face came off in the wash, oops, and I was informed that this now looks like boobies.

A well worn Glasbake soup dish. Why didn't that come off in the wash?

Arwyn's new fave, the fuzzy Ernie blankie.

Two vintage pillowcases for my growing stash of fabric, even though I don't sew. Yep, I'm one of those people. I have every intention of having a (working) sewing machine one day. The fabric with the blue dots may soon discover his true destiny as a valance.

And finally the beaded tree that wasn't. Wasn't finished, or even started for that matter, by Christmas. There's always next year.


Destany said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with your post; but this is funny. I had heard that one of the Wiggles was having to quit the group, so I did a search. I ended up at this website where the poster talked a lot about them. I scroll a few posts down, and they mention YOU! How weird is that?

Patrick & Joe'l said...

More people die of vending machines falling over on them than Tetanus each year in the US.
Did you ever notice when you do a search for almost ANYTHING, there is a band with that name?
I found this via Google: Straight Up Buzz, Talking Heads, TETANUS Brothers, The Glass, The Secret Service, Tom Petty, TOOL, Tori Amos, VENDING MACHINE, Violent femmes, Weezer, ... - 170k -