Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cranberry Cold

It has been quite chilly here the past few days, though I was excited to see snow flurries yesterday. I'll take snow over rain any day. We are tired of rain. Boo, hiss on you, rain.

However, we did get some new rain boots to help make the continuous rainy weather a bit more fun.

Anyone else craving soup and chocolate? This recipe has neither, but it certainly is yummy. Think Rice Krispie Treats with Cheerios toasted oat cereal in place of the Rice Krispies. And throw in some cranberries.

I added a bit too many marshmallows. Oh, darn! Gooey, yummy goodness. And it's good for you, it says "Whole Grain" right on the cereal box! And fruit! TOTALLY wholesome, I swear.

This much gooeyness deserves the first five fruits of the year!


Ninotchka said...

What cutie boots and OMG that "stuff" looks yummy. Very deserving of all those fruits. lol I love your rating system.

kristin said...

look how little A has grown!! must be all that rain :)