Monday, December 18, 2006

Seven Days til Christmas

We went to the library to see Santa last week. In true toddler fashion, Arwyn was all excited about it on the way there, then when we arrived ... not so much. She was fine with him from a distance, but when I asked her if she wanted to go talk to him she replied, "Nope."

He read several books to the kids and led them in some Christmas songs. After the brave ones told him what they wanted he wisely told them he'd do the best he could and ask if it was ok if they got some surprises too.

One surefire way to get a Chatty Kathy to clam up is stick a big stranger in a red suit in front of her and try to get her to sit on his lap.

I think she was more excited to see Daddy than Santa and who can blame her for that? At least we didn't spend $14 on a mall picture.

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