Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Six Days til Christmas

My most favorite nutcracker (or as Arwyn calls them "crackerman"). It's a Steinbach, handmade in Germany that I was lucky enough to snag after Christmas last year. I haven't seen any yet this year that I like as much as him.

Another glittery ornament from the tree.

I don't really like regular peppermints, but I do like the soft pillowy kind. Arwyn calls these "red candy" and likes to carry them around for an hour or so, occasionally licking on it for a bit.

These are picture frames that hang on our living room wall and it was Bubby's idea to wrap them up.

Bubby bought these stacking boxes for me for Christmas last year and I could never think of a place to put them until I got out the Christmas decorations and stuck that green bow on top. Voila, instant presents.


Ninotchka said...

All of your stuff is SO COOL, Leta! I just love it. The wrapping of the frames was genius and looks pristine. Like out of a magazine, seriously. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Wrapping the frames up is so cool!! - Des

leta joy said...

Thanks, girls!

Isaac said...

Hey guys...wrapping the frames was a very clever idea! Though I never underestimate the Horstman family creativity. Sorry I didn't call while in town...was sick most of the week.