Saturday, December 30, 2006

Milk and Cookies

These pictures crack me up. We had a very lengthy discussion with Arwyn on Christmas Eve about Santa coming to bring her presents and leaving milk and cookies for him to eat. She really, really wanted to eat the cookies herself.

Here she is looking at Daddy and saying, "I eat that? Arwyn eat those cookies?" No, honey. Those are for a big strange man to eat when he comes down our chimney with no fireplace and brings you lots of toys for no good reason. How do you explain this tradition?

After we put Arwyn to bed Bubby said we had to eat the cookies. I had already eaten more than my fair share of cookies that night and on the verge of cookie overload, I really didn't want any more. I wanted to stick them back in the cookie container and be done with it. As he was dropping crumbs everywhere on purpose, he said, "We are Santa. You have to eat it." So I did. Santa left a very sweet note for Arwyn. He's such a good daddy.

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