Saturday, December 30, 2006

Princess Arwyn

She is patiently waiting for all of us to hurry up and open the damn presents already! This was our Christmas exchange with Juju and Big D.

Juju gave her a Disney Princess pillow, plate, fork and bowl set, and robe and slippers. She put this on and promptly twirled around and said, "I'm a princess." Indeed, it does say Princess on the back and she does have the hair fling down cold. Bubby is a lover of all things Disney, I am a hater of all things overly girly and fru-fru. My daughter would have to love the Disney Princesses. And Barbie. And Kelly dolls. And Polly Pocket. We're amassing quite a collection already.

This was her outfit on Christmas day. I love this dress and want one for myself. Why must every clothing item I love be made for small girls? Why, Target, do you tease me with your perfect green fabric with brown apples?

The Three Wise Men had a very interesting conversation on this day that ended with "Let's go! OK!"

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