Friday, December 29, 2006

If Your Last Name is Krause Stop Reading

I made a small photo baby book for my cousin who is expecting her first baby in January. If you guys are reading this, stop now!

My dining room table while I was working on this project.

The front cover.

The illustrated pages are from an activity book that I bought for Arwyn at a Starbucks in Georgia last summer and has now been dismantled for artistic use.

The back cover.

I'm still working on one last thing to add to the box before it gets shipped out.


Destany said...

That is so beautiful! I wish I had your creativity. All I end up doing is scrapbooking and making this occasional card. I did make our Christmas cards this year :)

leta joy said...

Thanks! Uh, we didn't get our cards made or sent out this year. Maybe New Year's cards?