Tuesday, December 12, 2006

13 Days til Christmas

Today at lunch I was squirting some ketchup onto Arwyn's plate for her frenchfries (baked, because we're healthy like that). The almost empty bottle made a fart-ish noise and she said, "Did you hear that butt ketchup?" Funniest parenting moment evah.

This is our Advent candle arrangement this year that I have remembered to light approximately twice. Oops. Maybe next year she'll be able to remind me to light it every night. The tray was from our wedding (used to hold cards maybe??) and the berries I meticulously cut off a bunch of fake berry branches. Some of them are sparkly and some are not. I'm not usually one for spending a lot of money on candles, but for this we go to Pier One and pick out some that are ... "really nice". [First one to name that quote gets a gold star.] This year's flavor flavs are Cranberry Cinnamon and Candied Mint. They smell freaking awesome. One night I forgot that I'd lit the candle and kept thinking, "It smells like yummy food in here. What is that?"

Speaking of Pier One, I went into a Christmas coma last time I was in there. All of their decorations this year are kick ass. No, they don't pay me to say that (how I wish).

This little cutie is another purchase from last year. I bought a lot of stuff last year apparently. But I love this line and this year have grievously avoided the stores where I shopped for these. After Christmas sales, here I come. I think they are Seasons of Cannon Falls, but I can't seem to find the ones I have online.

This is the gingerbread man garland that I made from Amy's pattern and the giant is one Arwyn made with a little help. We're kid crafting at home, it's crazy! That is really the only kind of crafting that seems to be going on around here lately. She loves her some glue stick. It is hanging on the bookcase in her room.

Tomorrow: Cookie Extravaganza!

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tammy said...

Hey, it IS the most wonderful time of the year. And if you can't bop old women over the head during the most wonderful time of the year, when CAN you bop old women over the head?