Thursday, December 14, 2006

10 Days til Christmas

We had a cookie baking and decorating playdate with some friends at iMollie's this week. Considering there were 6 kids, most of them shoving cookies in their mouths as fast as they could, it went really well! But it wasn't at my house so I can say that.

Here's Kole posing for me.

Baby S was unfortunately too little to enjoy the goodies. But she thought they were pretty.

Arwyn especially liked rolling and cutting the dough. Just like playdough, which I despise but luckily for both of us Grandma lets her do it at her house. That's what grandmas are for! The little rolling pin she's using was mine when I was little.

She was covered from head to toe in flour. We had to borrow a shirt from Henry, which she now calls "Arwyn's Henry shirt".

BJ and Calvin show us how its done.

The finished product. They are yummy! Thanks everyone for a fun morning.

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Ninotchka said...

Looks like great fun! And delicious to boot. :)