Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Grown Up Par-tay

We went out Saturday night with some friends from work to celebrate my b-day. We had pizza at Deerhead, arguably the best pizza in town. Double decker pizza rocks!

Everyone looks bored in these photos. Perhaps they were just trying to dissuade the photographer from taking so many pictures.

Don't fruit the beer.

Somewhere in the evening, we all drew our family trees on napkins. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Then we found out the Miller girls were coming by. Two people in our group were drinking Miller Lite, so we HAD to stay for the photo op.

They had these nifty belts that said Miller on them, in case they forgot?

But I did get some free loot out of the deal.

Here's one of Bubby's fruity girl drinks.

I'm not sure what I said here, but it was really funny! This was right before I spilled a glass of water all over myself and went home looking like I wet myself.

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Patrick & Joe'l said...

Moosehead pizza sounds like something our grandparents ate and swore that it "really tasted good"

YOU spilled something? I don't believe it.