Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Family Party & Loot

Sunday we had Thanksgiving dinner for Bubby's mom's side of the family. It was my actual b-day and Bubby surprised me with balloons and icecream cake. Of course, Arwyn thought the balloons were for her and I did share.

The cake was from a local icecream shoppe and it is yummy. There are still two pieces left. They won't last long. It is vanilla cake on top and chocolate chip icecream on bottom.

Juju sent me a surprise also. This baby arrived Thursday night. Now I won't have to borrow hers all the time.

iMollie gave me these awesome books. I'm still looking forward to digging into them. They are on the top of my To Read pile.

Bubby completely blew me away. I wasn't expecting anything because we just bought a new bed and had a $1,000 car repair. But when it comes to my happiness, money is no object. Right, baby? Hello??

I've worn this totally cool soccer jacket almost every day since I got it. Love it and I look like I'm cool and know something about soccer, which I do not.

Bubby got me this wildly different (for me) purse, which I like to call my carpet bag, even though he thinks it is hideous. It is HUGE. I could stick a cat in there, if I still had one.

And inside the pocket of the bag was this little number. I didn't even see it until about 10 minutes after I opened the box that the bag was in. I kept hearing a rustling sound and thought there was some paper stuffed inside the pocket.

Yep, I'm spoiled. Or well loved, however you want to look at it. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful gifts.

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natalie said...

Wow, girl! You should turn 31 every day!

Happy b-day!