Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Home Again

I just returned from a two-day trip to my hometown to visit my sister and her family. This is probably the only five minutes of the stay that Arwyn wasn't throwing a fit.

She goes to stay by herself quite a bit and my sister always assures me that she is a perfect angel, which I find somewhat hard to believe. When she and I go together, she is a huge brat and makes me regret making the trip. And also makes me look bad, but maybe that is her goal. Hmmm, how can I make Mommy look even worse in the eyes of her family and cement her position as the black sheep? I know, continuous whining and screaming! My sister offered to keep her for a few more days and I gladly accepted.

This shot was taken on the way up in the car (as I was driving - so safe!). I couldn't resist at least one picture of good ol' farm country, and the sky was beautiful that day.

I'm off to enjoy some peaceful and quiet child-free days. I know you're jealous.

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Ninotchka said...

Oh yeah, I'm jealous. :) Enjoy!