Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Happy Retirement

Sunday afternoon we went to a retirement party for Bubby's uncle. I think after this trip I am officially fired as navigator in the car. Bubs discovered that I was looking at the hand-drawn map upside down. In my defense, it wasn't a very good map and the street signs were mostly pointing the wrong direction, which wasn't very helpful. We finally arrived without too much huffing or yelling, and Arwyn had a great time running around outside with her cousins and drinking lots of lemonade (out of a big cup!).

Then when she was done with the lemonade, the cup apparently morphed into a ball.

Eventually, she started sticking her hand inside the cup and pouring the lemonade on the ground. That's when I decided she'd had enough lemonade.

This is the card I made for the occassion. Cardstock, printed paper, ribbon, snaps, wire raffia, ink.

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