Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Super Moms

This was the card I sent (belatedly, but I wrote something very nice and sent pictures of Arwyn) to my mom. These were made in a mad rush on Saturday night before Mother's Day, as Arwyn was running around the house like a banshee because she was up late BECAUSE my art stuff is in her room (used to be MY room before she was born, not that I'm bitter). This one is crafted from card stock, two kinds of paper (1 sheet was reversable), ribbon, brads, and ink. I used some "Happy Mother's Day" lines I printed out last year and actually saved them FOR A YEAR so I could use them this year. Problem throwing things out? Nope, not me. I'm out of my favorite adhesive, which is really kind of a pain in the ass.

This one is made from card stock, printed paper, same recycled "Happy Mother's Day" as above, paint swatches, ink and silver brads onto which I glued flowers I cut from the paper. This card was for my third (fourth?) mama, MB. MB was a lady I met in college when I was a student worker. We became fast friends and still keep in touch, even though she's moved to two different states since we met. She's never met Arwyn, but deemed herself Grammy. She was never able to have children, but now has two step-daughters. I considered her a great stablizing factor during my tumultuous college years, always someone I could go to for advice.

I didn't get a picture of the card I made for Bubby's mom, but here she is holding it at IHOP on Mother's Day.

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