Monday, May 15, 2006

Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!

We took Arwyn to see The Wiggles yesterday evening. The stadium is right down the street from our house, however we still had to get there an hour early for some reason. So Bubby walked up and down the many, many steps with Arwyn until it was show time. I tried not to look at how high up they were and people watched.

Arwyn and Bubby checked out the stage before the show started. When The Wiggles came out
onto the stage in their Big Red Car, she screamed, "WIGGLES!!!"

She started out excited and dancing to the songs ...

and then mostly observed the remainder of the show. But she didn't take her eyes off of the stage. I always think she has more of my personality than her dad's: stubborn, emotional, funny. But I guess she really is a combination of the two of us. I'm the excitable one and Bubby is the observer. I'm not sure what that is she's doing with her fingers in that last picture. She does that a lot, and it really cracks me up because it reminds me of something I'd do.

I was impressed with how much The Wiggles came out into the audience and interacted with the kids. Jeff and Murray both walked right past us (we lucked into great seats, but they weren't on the floor) and several of the dancers also came out to collect roses for Dorothy and bones for Wags. In all, I'd say it was a fun way to spend a Sunday evening. There is even a slight possibility that I had as much fun as Arwyn did.

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