Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened

When we were at The Wiggles concert, at one point they did some song that involved a lot of flags and Greg Wiggle said to cheer really loudly when your favorite flag came out. There was an Italian flag, an Australian flag, maybe Mexican, I can't remember them all, there were like 6. He keeps saying to cheer loudly when you see your favorite flag. Then, of course, some dude dressed like Uncle Sam runs out on the stage waving an American flag and everyone cheers. I say to Bubby, "Where's the UK (British, not basketball) flag? Or Canadian? I'm not cheering for THAT." Bubs kind of laughs, that kind of laugh that usually means "Would you shut up before that redneck sitting behind you beats MY ass!"

Not a Bush fan, if you couldn't tell.

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