Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Friday is my big sister's birthday. She is ten years older than me and we've always had a pretty great relationship. When I was little, I thought she hung the moon, of course. Then she up and gets married (how gross!) when I was 8, moving away and leaving me high and dry. But I got to go for lots of visits and she moved back four years later. When I was a teenager and couldn't stand for my mom to even look in my general direction, I could always go hang out at my sister's, and I did A LOT. I honed my excellent babysitting skills at her house, practicing my technique (or complete lack thereof) on her kids. Now that we're both all grown up, things are a little different. We are very different. Even though she might not always understand me, she still loves me. I still call her to ask her stuff about the kid and to gripe about our mom. She calls me to gripe about her teenagers. We have wildly different perspectives and viewpoints, but have still managed to meld together a unique and loving relationship over the years. Happy B-day, Sis! I love ya!

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