Thursday, May 18, 2006


What's the worst way to spend a Thursday morning? Why, shopping for a new swimsuit at JC Penney's! I haven't bought a new suit in 5 years, and now I remember why! But we are going on vacation next week and I really need a new one. This was the third place I'd been, they were having a sale, and I was determined to leave the store with SOMETHING. So I have officially purchased my first old lady suit. The 70+ year old lady at the checkout (who was fixated on me opening a charge account and would not take NO for an answer. I think she thought she could guilt me into it!) thought it was a "beautiful suit". That confirms the fact that it is indeed an old lady suit. Black with hot pink stitching, no back (woo-hoo!), halter neck.

Did you think I was going to model it? Puh-leeze. I did redeem the visit by also purchasing a lovely white flowy, beachy skirt.

I also found these great shoes for Arwyn at Marshall's. I have no problem finding shoes I love for her (just problems with fitting her cute little fat feet) but never find shoes I love for me. I want kids shoes in adult sizes.

These were $9.99

and these were only $5.99!!!! I am going to be so sad if they don't fit.

Edited to add: They didn't fit. I already returned them. boo hoo.

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