Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The hubby didn't bring home the digital camera this weekend, so I wasn't able to create all of those fabulous posts with pictures I was bragging about. Edited to add: He brought it home tonight, so we're in business.

Today Arwyn and I had lunch with some friends from where I worked before she was born. Taking her with me is usually a gamble, and today it didn't pay off very well. As soon as we got home, she went straight to bed and Mama is going to spend nap time looking at an embroidery book from the library. I got a big creative urge a couple of weeks ago and checked out a huge stack of books on sewing. I have now renewed said books and have only made it through one of them! I have big plans to buy a new sewing machine and see what sorts of projects I can whip up.

Speaking of whip up, that is a site I could spend hours on. Go check it out.

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kristin said...

hi leta!! just stopping by your blog to see what you're all about :) i was just assigned your name for the CD swap...i'll be emailing you later with more info...welcome!!