Thursday, April 13, 2006

This One's for iMollie

I'm still working on the layout and design of the blog. I haven't had much spare time this week to check out the code and see what sort of magic I could whip up with it. Arwyn is visiting her aunt for the weekend, so I hope to have lots of free time to work on my own projects. I know its a lofty goal, but I'm even hoping to add some pictures! Gasp!!

In preparation for the Easter Egg Hunt to End All Easter Egg Hunts at my parent's house this Sunday, Arwyn has already had three egg hunts in the past two weeks. She is a semi-pro Gatherer, so she does very well collecting the eggs and winging them into her bucket. Luckily, the eggs at Grandma Darla's will be plastic.

Yesterday after her nap, Arwyn wanted to get her shoes and play outside. She ran into the living room, saw her shoes on the floor and exclaimed, "Shoes! There you are!"

Happy Maundy Thursday, everyone.


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iMollie said...

That is hilarious that she has on Henry's "beeball glove." I'm surprised that she got it off his hand long enough for you to take a picture. The next shot would have been of Henry ripping it off her hand.

She's so beautiful, Leta.

I didn't even think about Arwyn's mad skills at gathering and hoarding items and how they would benefit her this Easter season. I'll be rooting for her Sunday morning.