Monday, March 26, 2007


We walked outside this morning to leave for errand-running and were thrilled to see a profusion of flowers had popped up overnight. This is the second year for these and they were one of the first things I planted in our yard. We have an odd assortment of things planted around, but most of them were put there by the previous owners. I was truly amazed that they lived and continue to do so, as it seems the multitude of squirrels living in the tree above these tulips like to dig up the bulbs. Perhaps I'm messing about in their favorite nut hiding place.

We have quite a few daffodils scattered around and I'm always glad to see them show their sunny heads. These are in our front yard, which is still a bit of a muddy mess from pulling out old shrubs last year.

Arwyn and I spent some time outside Saturday and today putting in a few new additions to the 'flower garden', which is quite an overstatement. We both ended up sweaty and covered in dirt, but I felt like I'd accomplished something and have the sore hands and arms to prove it.

And, lest you think the whole place is brimming over with beauty, we have a few of these as well. I actually don't mind them and Arwyn likes to pick them, which keeps her from picking the actual flowers. Although, she seems to have moved on to a worm obsession and every time one was uncovered she would carry it around until it escaped her clutches.

The weather here has been amazing, and even a little frightening. 80+ degrees and running the a/c in March seems a tad scary, even though I am so glad for the sunshine and ability to be outside for long stretches.

Happy Monday.

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Ninotchka said...

Fabulous! I love hyacinths. So fragrant! I had some for a few years but I haven't planted bulbs in forevah. Maybe I will this fall.