Monday, March 12, 2007

Outdoor Cooking

This morning I spent $13.73 (including tax) on a little thing I like to call MY SANITY.

Thank the Good Lord it has been warm the past few days. If I have to watch one more episode of Dora the Explorer I'm going to vomit. Then Dora will scream at me from the tv, "Vamanos! Help Arwyn's mommy clean up the vomit!" I'm all about the cultural diversity and introducing Spanish to the youngsters, but why does she have to yell all the time?

While out running errands we stopped by the thrifty consignment shop to drop off a few things and this lovely plastic kitchen happened to be sitting outside. I've thought about getting her one for a long time, but had no idea where to put it. Inspiration smacked me upside the head this morning and I thought, "Well, duh. We'll put it outside." The pots and pans were brought outside as well, and then we made soup for an hour and a half. And the only person yelling was me, which I don't particularly like to hear either, but we seem to be going through a "willful stage" otherwise known as age 2.75.

Combine that with the potty training and it makes for some interesting days. I'm not sure if she just isn't used to what all this feels like yet or what, but while we were outside she had to come in 12 times to go potty. Of those 12 trips inside, she only actually peed three times. And she would walk. as. slow. as. humanly. possible. inside. to. the. bathroom. Mama needs to grow some patience. Do they make a plant for that?

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theresa said...

Hurray! Another Dora hater! I hear you on the screaming part--that is exactly what I hate about that show--so annoying.
great deal on the kitchen! 13 bucks is cheap for sanity, isn't it?

The best thing we tried for the potty training is the reward system. We got this little kit in the mail from Kandos--the frog--which was a chart, booklet and stickers! You pee in the pot, you get a sticker, you wash your hands, you get a sticker, flush the toliet, you get a sticker. I was out of my mind by then--and was doubtful that this would even work and lo and behold--sanity for a sticker! Try it! SuperNanny would approve no doubt!