Thursday, February 01, 2007

No School!

Today came the day I never thought I'd dread. A snow day. If I've learned anything at all in 31 months of parenting, it's never say never. Our Moms Morning Out program follows the local school system. They were operating on a two hour delay, so we were out of luck. Arwyn was crestfallen when I told her there was no school, until I added that friends were coming over to play. Friends to the rescue!

Does that whopping quarter inch of snow on the ground that doesn't even cover the grass require us all to be stuck at home? I think not. Whoever is in charge of making school cancellation decisions obviously didn't grow up in the kuntry where you learned how to put on snow tires and chains at age 10, throw some firewood in the back of the pickup truck for added leverage and take off to run donuts in an empty parking lot.

A few additional items I picked up at the thrift store on my last trip.


Ninotchka said...

ACK! I was afraid they'd make today a snow day. Nat was out for a student holiday and we really wanted to spend the day together without the little ones. Mission accomplished! We had a fab day. Whew. It was close though. They close down here if ONE freaking snowflake falls out of the sky. LOL

Anonymous said...

I can see your reflection in the pot!