Thursday, January 04, 2007


Bubby's new nickname for me. I got my hairs did yesterday, getting my inspiration from a Stacie doll of all things. I think it's a bit darker than this photo shows.

What happens when the only vegetable in the house is an onion and you really really need to go to the grocery?

Why, breakfast for lunch, of course. My brother and sis-in-law work for the jelly maker. I worked there one summer in college. It was really hot. My brother took requests and gave us a sweet gift box for Christmas. Now I have to eat my way through four jars of jelly.

I used the divided plate I bought for myself Arwyn. My food touching other food on my plate causes me angst. Most of the time I just deal with it and I'm better than I used to be. But I'd really prefer if every plate on earth were divided. How else can you have syrup with your smokey links and ketchup with your eggs without it all running together? My grandma used to have a stash of plates at her house just for me. Ok, I don't know if they were actually purchased for my use, but I used them at every meal I ate at her house.

I used to do this thing where I would pick someone else sitting at the table and every time they took a bite of something, I would take a bite of the same thing for the entire meal. If they took a drink, I took a drink. I don't think anyone ever caught on, but wouldn't that be really odd and annoying if you were, say, my brother's girlfriend? She probably just thought I stared at her a lot.

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