Wednesday, November 01, 2006


We had a full day on Halloween. First up was the party at story time at the library. I was the slacker mom who didn't put my kid in her costume. But she had a cute Halloween shirt and she still got all the candy, so she didn't care.

In the afternoon we hit the trick-or-treating at Bubby's work. All of the employees bring in candy and anyone who has kids can bring them in. I forgot Shaggy's goatee, but drew it on later. Bubby made the Scooby Snacks box and she put her goodies in it.

She was a little shy when we arrived, but once she figured out everyone was passing out candy, she somehow managed to get over the shyness very quickly.

She was supposed to carry Scooby also, but Mommy ended up lugging him around. She did try to feed him some macaroni and cheese at dinner, although she didn't share her candy with him.

She started asking for suckers and candy at 9:00 am today. Hmmm... Nino's idea is looking better and better! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


chirky said...

Found you via Fussy's NaBloPoMo.

Your Halloween sounds so fun. I wish I could see the pics - my employer has blocked all internet images. Which makes my blog surfing very uneventful, as you might imagine. ;)

leta joy said...

Thanks for visiting!

Ninotchka said...

She looked FAB!