Tuesday, October 31, 2006


After a long and teary weekend, we finally got Juju married off. Arwyn didn't feel much like cooperating at the rehearsal and I had frightful visions of screaming (mine) and crying (hers) at the wedding.

But, of course, she surprised me and was a cheeky little cutie pie, running down the aisle and dumping her basket of flower petals, then running back down the aisle after Juju made her grand entrance. When I heard that the ring bearer (Juju's nephew) and flower girl (Arwyn) were to both be two year olds, I told Juju that I was not responsible for Arwyn's behavior. She didn't seem to care what they did as long as they were involved.

There were only a couple of hiccups along the way, one of which involved the bride, a bridesmaid and the mother-of-the-bride taking turns sewing me into my top. It stayed on the whole night and had to be torn off later, which sounds a lot more fun than it actually was. The highlight of the day had to be chasing packages of flowers down the middle of the street in downtown Indianapolis as the wind tried its best to sweep them away. Ha, wind! You ain't got nuthin on me!

Bubby was a champ, as always, wrangling the child the entire weekend and riding up and down the escalator fifty million times while I fulfilled my bridesmaidly duties. I was amazed that everything the child managed to pour down the front of her dress (chocolate and several mystery stains) magically came out in the wash yesterday.

In all, I'd say it was a good weekend and I need some posture lessons.

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