Sunday, November 05, 2006

Roofless, Yellow and Golden

Our trip was quiet and relaxing. It already seems a distant memory as I type this listening to our daughter scream and cry because she can't have anymore candy or icecream, poor thing. But enough about that, back to the trip.

We were married in the Roofless Church in New Harmony, a quaint little town that was once a Utopian society. It is an open air brick structure with lots of beautiful trees and flowers. We return there every year to celebrate our anniversary. Over the past five years, we have had fun exploring the town and discovering something new each year.

This is the ceiling of the Yellow Tavern where we dined Thursday night. I think this year we discovered that we aren't going back to the Yellow Tavern. It wasn't so much the ceiling held together with duct tape directly over my head that bothered me as the extremely smokey atmosphere. And while I'm still battling this ferocious cough, it didn't seem too prudent to hang out there.

All the cool kids in New Harmony tool around town in golf carts. The inn where we stayed employs several of them for employees to zip around the grounds. Bubby jumped in for a quick photo op on our way back to the room.

This sleepy kitty was in the window of the coffee shop where we had breakfast Saturday morning. It was the one place in town we've found where you can get a reasonably priced latte (smoke-free!) and a non-fried snack. It probably won't last.

Friday night before dinner we decided to go for a ride on the complimentary bicycles. I wanted to try the bicycle-built-for-two, but Bubby said he wanted to ride side by side. So here he is, twenty feet in front of me. Ahem. Neither of us had ridden a bike in several years, and I was proud that I didn't wreck and still managed to take some pictures while riding. I loved the old fashioned bikes and it really was fun to ride the empty streets at dusk.


Ninotchka said...

Sounds like fun!

natalie said...

I saw that duct tape on the ceiling the last time I was at the Yellow Tavern, and at first I thought it was some kind of sculpture!

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.