Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ginger Pumpkin

A while back Alicia wrote about making this bread and as I was in the mood for pumpkin, I decided to give it a try.

My verdict is kind of blah. I thought it was ok, and I LOVE pumpkin. The recipe said it made two loaves and I thought it would have been better as one big loaf instead of two smaller ones.

I also thought it turned out a little dry, but that could have been my fault. I ended up eating one slice and giving the rest of that loaf to my in-laws and sending the other loaf to work with Bubby (they'll eat anything - hi work friends! love ya!!). It looks good though, doesn't it?


Ninotchka said...

What the? I just posted a comment and it disappeared.

Anyway, those look yummy. I once had a wonderful pumpkin bread recipe that had peanut butter chips in it. ABSOLUTELY DIVVY. I bet I could find it via Internet search. Hmmm, I just might.

iMollie said...

you're such a good cook - i would never even attempt.
the pics from NH are great. you and bubby set a good example of what we all should do for our anniversaries. i never even considered it until i met yall. now i think my B and i will start...