Friday, October 06, 2006

Next-to-Last Flashback Friday

I tried to find a picture with my big brother in it for this post. His 40th birthday is Wednesday and we went to his house this past weekend for his birthday blowout. He smoked a pig! He's crazy like that.

That's him behind me and my buddy Patrick on this contraption. This picture was taken circa 1979 at Santa Claus Land, which is now known as Holiday World. We took a family trip there, which is rather ironic considering our family didn't celebrate Christmas back then. My only memory of the trip is all of the kids rode in the back of the truck (safety first!).

I'm totally digging the mural on the wall behind me in this one and my mismatched outfit, which I am sure I insisted on picking out myself.

I have lots of posts in my noggin, it's just a matter finding the time and clearing out the cobwebs enough to write a few coherent sentences.


iMollie said...

Noooooo! I love the flashbacks! Find more old pictures!

I see Aaron...which one is Patrick on the slide there?

Hee hee.

natalie said...

Hey, my brother and I have a picture of us on Santa's lap with that mural! I'm willing to bet they were taken in 1979 or 1980.

What is that you are climbing on? I don't remember it. It looks like a lighthouse.

And how come you didn't celebrate Christmas?

Patrick & Joe'l said...

Yes, that is me.
I am standing next to Leta, Aaron is standing on the slide.