Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lookin' for My Shirley

Full disclosure: my craft projects don't always go as planned. Case in point: this little Halloween shirt I made for Arwyn.

It was supposed to be a white shirt with black ghost, minus the Jackson Pollack effect. I was shaking the jar of paint, following the directions like a good little girl, and after I took the lid off, I decided to give it one more shake just to be on the safe side.

Well ... the seal was broken that covered the top of the jar. Black fabric paint went all over the ironing board, the shirt, the floor, pretty much everywhere. Bubby stepped in it and started tracking black footprints across the floor. So I just went with it. She won't know the difference. I still have one more shirt left and I was thinking maybe a witch hat, but she already has two Halloween shirts so maybe I'll just wait for inspiration to strike.

I found these iron-on embroidered monograms and couldn't resist. Now I just need some saddle shoes and my fall wardrobe will be complete.

It was so easy, I just might start monogramming everything I own.

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Ninotchka said...

I actually like the paint effect on the shirt. And that ghost is adorable! Did you freehand it? It's perfect.