Monday, August 21, 2006

Uncle A

We had a really good weekend. My big brother came to visit, so we spent some time with our extended family, talked about all sorts of things, and then ripped out all the gigantoid bushes around our house! I thought about taking some photos, but I'm really kind of afraid to look. There were two smallish trees in the front corner of the yard that Bubs has never liked, so while they were at it, they took those as well.

Last night Bubs and I headed to Lowe's to scope out grass seed, fertilizer, etc. It looks like we'll be re-landscaping in the spring. Thanks, Uncle A, for bringing your big truck!

Here's Arwyn modeling her Mrs. Potato Head earrings.

And here she is modeling her cousin's pj's.

Arwyn was lucky to survive the weekend, as Sunday morning she got into my make-up drawer, got the lid off the liquid foundation and proceeded to pour it over everything in the drawer. What with that neat trick and sticking foam parts up her nose, we're entering dangerous territory here.


Ninotchka said...

You're making it up. She's just too cute to get in (or make, for that matter) that much trouble. Famous last words, huh?

Ahhh, kids! lol

Troy said...

Plant the grass seed now. It won't grow much yet, but will get well rooted over the winter and come back stronger in the spring.