Saturday, August 12, 2006

Safe & Sound

Thursday afternoon I saw this fall in my backyard:

Then later there was also this:

Then I proceeded to SLEEP THROUGH the rest of the storm! Anyone who knows me knows that I usually freak out and pace around the house during storms. Nope. Snoozed in the recliner while Jeff Lyons droned on in the background.

The good news is, nobody and nothing got hurt. Who do you think we are?
iMollie? The even better news is there are now 400 million little sticks for Arwyn to help pick up and throw on the stick pile. Every single time we leave the house. Every. time.

And a note to our neighbor who is apparently having some sort of Redneck Reunion: You can only blast "Sweet Home Alabama" from your crappy speakers so many times in a given 12 hour period before I want to ram my eyeballs out with metal grilling skewers. I didn't even know that version existed. Or that one. Sweet Lord, how many ways can you skin this cat? For reals.


Ninotchka said...

ha ha ha re: Sweet Home Alabama.

Too funny! Looks as though you had quite a weekend. Kudos!

Lynyrd Erickson said...

You know, maybe it's not your neighbor's problem. Maybe you have some issues to work through, because let's be honest, you can't hear "Sweet Home Alabama" too much. Especially when you live in southern Indiana. Who wrote a song about southern Indiana? That's too hard to say. You might just be related to Neil Young, and in that case, I say, "I hope Neil Young (aka Leta Joy) will remember, a Southern man don't need him (her) around anyhow."

Your Kentucky Kousin said...

Yeah, I definitely think that's a comment (dare I say desecration?) only to be heard north of the Mason Dixon. Yee HAW!