Thursday, August 03, 2006

Makin' Bacon and Hen-dawg in the House

Last night we went to visit some friends who have a new baby (and an older baby). Arwyn had a BLAST playing with all of the babies, in the sandbox, on the swingset, and did not want to come home. This may be the only picture where the (real) baby wasn't crying. She didn't like the photo session too much.

Arwyn has been playing with these hair clips non-stop for two days. She wants me to put them on her fingers and leaves them on until they make dents in her skin. Fun! For some reason she has started saying "fwumps" instead of "fingers" which I know she can say. Maybe she's trying to say "thumbs"? She's making up her own language?

Mr. Henry came over this morning. Funniest moment of the day: Henry had some gas, Arwyn said "Henry needs change diaper." Henry indignantly said, "No, I don't!" And he was right, he didn't.

Arwyn has perfected her scowl and now uses it to great effect on family members and strangers alike. She has also added a very teenager-sounding HUFF when I say something she doesn't agree with. Age 2 going on 15.


Beth Erickson said...

Leta - think you're gonna have your hands full with Arwyn! Hope you guys are having a good summer. Hopefully I'll get up to E'ville in the fall.

leta joy said...

Come on up!