Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nobody Likes a Whiner and I Don't Care

Did you ever have a day where you just really don't like your child? Oh, come on internets. Don't make me out to be a bitch here. I can't be the only one. Sure, she looks perfectly cute and sweet in this picture, playing with the parachute at story time. But you weren't at my house about 15 minutes ago when I put her to bed early for her own protection. From ME.

Bubby had to work late tonight and then play basketball, which puts me on child duty from sun up til sun down. Add to that a child who is still snotty and whiney and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. I didn't yell or throw anything. After the last straw was forcibly hanked from wherever those types of things are stored, I just quietly said, "I can't do this anymore. Its time to go to bed." to which she heart-breakingly replied, "Arwyn stop crying. No go bed." because of the numerous times she's been threatened with bed over the past few days.

While I was collecting the trash to put by the curb tonight, I was thinking of a funny post about trash bags but right now it doesn't seem so funny. I think I'll grab another beer and go watch some Sopranos. Maybe I'll feel better about my life in comparison to the Mafia.


iMollie said...

there are days the mafia seems preferrable.

i hope tomorrow is so much better. good for you for putting her to bed early...who knows...

if i were there, i would open your beer for you.

imollie's husband said...

if I were there, I would drink your beer for you.