Friday, July 28, 2006

Fishbowls For Everyone!

Friday night dinner with friends at a local German restaurant. Not my pretty drink, although I did have some tasty Purple Haze beer. My hubby is "watching tv" (aka snoring in the recliner) while fuse plays in the background and everyone on seems to be talking about puke. Maybe I'm just sensitive to the subject since I talked to my sister tonight and Miss Arwyn puked a bit earlier. Aunt DJ thinks Arwyn was sticking her hand down her throat AGAIN. I have NO IDEA why she does this. She went through a phase of it a few months ago (but never made herself throw up, just gag) and it finally went away, but the habit seems to be back. What sort of enjoyment could she possibly get from this? Blech.

I hope to have some creative-type things to post about in the next few days. The weather hasn't cooperated much for fence painting, so I'll be clocking some time at the craft table this weekend.

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Destany said...

Lucas gags himself sometimes - mostly when he's teething and is trying to chew his fingers. His molars have been HORRIBLE!