Monday, July 31, 2006


Juju, if you're reading this STOP LOOKING. If you
are reading, why don't you ever freaking comment?!! This card is for Juju's birthday (don't you love that the whole internet now knows you as Juju?!!) along with some goodies that I failed to photograph before wrapping them up. I was going to wait til after her b-day to post this, but I have to have something to show for yesterday and this is it.

I spent an amazingly long time setting up this photo and took 39 pictures! I'm trying to improve my picture-taking skillz. Here is a source of photography inspiration for me.

It's a sweet and sour day at our house. Sweet because Arwyn returned home and we have danced and sang all evening (she's currently stuck on "Go for G" by We Might Be Giants). Sour because The Bubs got some bad news at work today and we are contemplating second and/or part-time jobs. Send some happy thoughts our way before we drink ourselves into a pickle.


Troy said...

Did he finally get caught peeing in his boss's coffee? I told him it is better to drop a deuce behind the file cabinet.

leta joy said...

How did you guess?!!

natalie said...

Sorry to hear of your bad news. Drop me a line sometime and let me know how you're doing.

Your Kentucky Kousin said...

Hey, it's a character building experience to live close to poverty (we should know.) And at least YOU can drink yourselves happy! We're contemplating starting Think there's a niche out there for that?