Monday, June 26, 2006


These are the favor bags and CD's that we passed out at the party. In case you haven't figured it out, we had a fruit theme going on. Inside the gift bags were fruit stickers, fruit magnets that I made, fruit gummies, Twizzlers, and Runts. You can barely see one in this photo, but I made the little tags that said "happy birthday no. 2 arwyn!". Bubby and I collaborated on the CD. I picked out the songs (tried for fruit or b-day topics) and he burned all the CD's and made the labels. Our good friend drew the fruits and Bubs colored them in with his magic computer. B gets bonus points for buying the colored paper envelopes.

These are cards that I made for a garland that hung on the front of the food table. I used acrylic paint and foam stamps and punched little holes in the top and strung them on some curly ribbon. Then I had the excellent idea to take them off the ribbon and use them as thank you cards. My efforts were not in vain, and I don't have to buy (or make) additional thank you cards.

This was the scene on our front porch Saturday night. B whipped up some strawberry daiquiris (enough with the fruit!) and we lit every citronella candle we owned. I only made it through one game of Skip-Bo (I won, natch) before I had to go collapse in my bed, like a frazzled old lady.


Ninotchka said...

YOU ARE GOOD! I love the card-garland-turned-Thank You-cards. They are gorgeous, practical and whimsical that your guests get a piece of the party to keep. Genius!

leta joy said...

Thanks! I'm blushing!