Sunday, June 25, 2006

Birthday Girl Recap

Whew! We have had quite the weekend here at the Horstman household. Friday morning we had a birthday playdate for all of our little friends in the backyard. There was lots of messy painting, snacking and sliding. I think everyone mingled well and had a good time. Arwyn decided to see what the paint tasted like. Not very yummy, from the looks of things.

This is the fruit pizza that I made for the family/friend party on Saturday morning. I made Ju-Ju slice it because I just couldn't stand to do it. It was very yummy and pretty easy to make. I might have to make it for future get-togethers.

This is the awesome birthday cake that Ju-Ju made for Saturday's shindig. That girl did everything I ORDERED her to do for the four days that she was here and wanted me to give her more things to do. She made cupcakes and the cake. She went to the store, she folded laundry, she shopped with me, she ran with me, she kept Arwyn out of the way so I could get things done. She didn't raise an eyebrow no matter how many times I said the f-word. She mopped my floor, for pete's sake. Now THAT'S a true friend.

Here's Arwyn opening one of her gifts. She was very excited about presents and oohed and aaahed over just about everything. One of our friends got her a little baby doll and she promptly threw it on the ground and yelled "One, two, three! Wake up, Jeff!!" (from the Wiggles). Almost as funny as in church this morning, Fr. Steve was talking about Jesus being asleep on a cushion and I whispered in Bubby's ear "Wake up, Jesus!" Gotta love Wiggles humor.

This is one of my favorite photos of the day. I didn't know Bubby had taken it until I went through all the pics. I can't believe my baby girl is two.

I don't think we got a picture, but we did get a video, of her "blowing" out the candle on the cake Saturday. It was rather windy outside and I couldn't get the candle to stay lit, so we faked it. I just said, "OK, blow out the candle!", she blew and everybody clapped. Crisis averted.

Arwyn is visiting my sister (AGAIN, I'm such a lucky dog) so I should have time to work on some more projects around the house and catch up on all my blog reading. More birthday pictures are on flickr.

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Ninotchka said...

That fruit pizza is GORGEOUS. Recipe, please!

And, um, can I borrow Juju?

All the pics look great. Happy Birthday to your big 2 year old! ;)