Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm finally jumping on the Color Week bandwagon today. I am actually on the verge of loathing brown, unless it is a super-rich, dark chocolatey brown. I have very few brown things in my house. If it was brown, its probably been painted over. Like Stephanie said, I'm one of those neutral-schmeutral types. I just don't DO neutral.

This chair was Bubby's when he was a little boy. It has been varnished, so I haven't been able to sand it down and get at it with my paint brush. Alas, we don't own a sander. (See the floor? Used to be brown.)

This is some granola that I made Saturday morning. It was, um, interesting. Perhaps I need a better recipe, or maybe I should just stick with the store-bought kind.

And here is a shot of the back of Arwyn's sweet little head. I color my hair a lot (hello, don't like brown), but seeing how pretty hers is almost makes me want to go au natural. Almost.

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