Friday, April 28, 2006

Gasping for Air

I THINK we are slowly emerging from the seemingly never-ending haze of handing out cups of Motrin, blurrily calculating when she can have another dose, and tearily wondering when my bubbly little girl will be back to normal. Last night I was convinced that she had some terrible disease and was never going to get better. She rallied a bit today and we ventured out to the zoo this morning to meet some friends and it wasn't completely horrible. I have reached my limit of days spent inside the house not speaking to anyone. If I have to watch the Count It Higher video one more time, it might "accidentally" end up in the trash.

Usually I have a couple of funny Arwyn stories a day, but she's understandably been off her game this week. The gem of the week happened Wednesday afternoon. I thought I smelled a dirty diaper and I said, "Did you poop?" and she replied, "No." I said, "Are you lyin'?" and she raised her arms up and said, "ROAR!" My grammar may suck, but it makes for good stories.

I read an entertaining post at metrodad today about all of the needless bashing parents do to each other. That kind of crap drives me insane and I thought he had a pretty good take on it.

When we were at my mom's for Easter she sent home a bunch of junk she wanted out of my old closet. One whole box was clay projects I had made in art classes. Here is a coil pot I made circa 1988. I thought I might find a use for it on my art desk or keep it on the living room desk to collect spare change. I'll photograph the rest of the collection later for show and tell.

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