Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Smells Like Christmas

I went to bed with the AC on and woke up to turn the heat on. Bizarre weather that put me in the mood for baking and soups, so I tried the no-knead recipe that Alicia posted recently.

I am a fairly accomplished cook and I love to bake, but there are some things (mostly bread-y products) I just cannot make, no matter how many times I try. I've overcome my pancake problem by sticking with a recipe from a Bizquick cookbook. I just add different things to it to make various flavors of pancakes. Its the only recipe that works for me, whatever the reason. This might be my new bread recipe.

Isn't it pretty? It was easy to throw together, it rose like it was supposed to, and it is de-lish. I pre-heated the oven early and left the oven door cracked to raise the kitchen temperature, so perhaps that's why a bread product finally decided to turn up properly. It was easy enough to make while running to the basement for laundry and overseeing a paint project by my very own little Picasso.

It made a lovely afternoon snack, topped with Dillman's Black Raspberry Seedless Preserves (shameless family plug).

I give it a hearty five fruits.

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