Sunday, April 15, 2007

Daily Dose

So, yeah the natural doc thing. In January I started seeing a doctor of natural medicine. I'd been having some health "issues" and felt that my family physician only wanted to treat the symptoms I displayed and never tried to get to the root of what was causing the problems in the first place. I knew about this doctor through some work that Bubby had done and after talking with a friend that had seen her, decided to give her a call.

I liked her and felt that a lot of what she said made sense to me. I knew that I would be making a big commitment if I decided to pursue this: change of diet, lifestyle and that pesky little matter of money. Insurance companies don't look too fondly on the world of natural medicine, it seems. I was already shopping for organic food and filtering our water. If my health improved, I felt it would be worth the extra cost.

After three months of treatment the majority of the problems I was having before are gone. I have increased my water intake drastically and it is now just a part of my day. My immune system is still low and she is still concerned about my liver and adrenal system. I do not know how long I will have to continue the litany of pills and drops and I DO get frustrated with dietary restrictions that I've never thought about before. I will say that I do not adhere to the diet as strictly as I should and I'm sure this slows the process down. If I could just give up the cokes and sweets! Is life really worth living without Coke and dessert?!

One of the strangest and best side-effects of this whole process has been the common ground it gives me with my parents. I have talked to my mother a great deal about my current health concerns and hers, something that rarely happened in the past. She asks about my health and doctor appointments, something that has only happened when I was pregnant. My parents and I have a somewhat tense and shaky relationship and anything that gives us something to talk about that won't cause even more tension is a wonderful gift. I'm trying hard not to focus on the dollars flowing out of our bank account and instead find the benefits of this journey. If I weren't going through all of this myself, I wouldn't understand their fascination with homeopathics. I joke with Aunt Banana that our parents are turning into hippies in their old age. Next thing you know they'll be growing pot on the back forty of the family farm.

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Patrick & Joe'l said...

I've been thinking of doing some homeopathic medicine after I'm finished with school. I think there really is something to it.