Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Baking

Here are some of the goodies I made this year to enjoy and give away. I seem to still be in baking mode; I've been craving Puppy Chow.

These were Spritz cookies that I made with my cookie press. Someone who shall not be named used to make these for me every year and has wussily copped out the past several years. That's right, I said several. There goes my chance to stuff 50 cookies into my trap in one sitting. I found a recipe and decided to try it myself. They turned out pretty well.

Arwyn thought the dough was Play Dough and demanded to get hers out and make birthday cakes.

I saw the cocoa mix that Alicia posted about and decided to give that a whirl as well. I gave these to my siblings, my sister-in-law and iMollie (and kept one for myself).

The Lemon Curd was probably the most demanding thing I made this year, mostly because I'd never made it before and wasn't really sure what to expect. Oh, and because you have to zest and juice 5 lemons and cook it for 8 eons. I made this for my sister, who claims to love the stuff, and I really hope she enjoyed it because I'm not sure I'll be making it again unless she specifically begs asks me to.

The tags were from Jenny.

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