Friday, November 24, 2006

Retro Friday is Back!

I dug up this old Polaroid from an album that my mom gave me for my 21st birthday. I'm not sure how old I was, possibly around 5 or 6. The picture didn't have any info on it, so I'm guessing. This was during my dad's Pickle Farm Period (similar to Picasso's Blue Period). The fields behind our house were planted with cucumbers which were then sold for pickles. He built the sled contraption that was pulled behind the tractor, slow enough for everyone riding to pick cucumbers and throw them into the bushel containers.

My brother is beside me, my sister is in front of him and our mom is in front of her in the stylin' do-rag. Everyone but me would get up early to start harvesting the pickles. I got to sleep in since I was little and couldn't really help much. When I woke up, I'd get dressed and run out to the fields to find them. I'd jump on the sled and ride around making mud pies and "communion bread" from cucumber leaves pressed into the mud while everyone else had to pick cucumbers and my dad drove the tractor.

I can remember driving somewhere far away (to me) to deliver the cucumbers. The back of the truck was packed with bushels and bushels of cucumbers. Wherever we delivered them (the pickle factory??) had a conveyor belt running up into a barn with thousands of little cucumbers zooming along. Just think, we could have been the next Klausen!


Patrick & Joe'l said...

I'll have to say, I did not know about the pickle farm. Here I thought I knew everything!

Anonymous said...

I am commenting...glad to hear "retro friday" is back. As you know, I am even more excited that "bitchy and sarcastic" is back.

a des moines friend