Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Toasty Tuesday

It is like 87 degrees here today. Wha???? Where is my beloved crisp fally weather?

Anyhoo, here are the letter thingeys I made last week for moki's letter swap. I was painting all hours trying to get them finished before I left town for the weekend and I finished them the morning I left.

Here are what the unfinished letters looked like (purchased at the evil Wal-Mart in the craft department for 97 cents each).

Here they are sanded and primed. Oooo, I just had an idea for a wreath made of letters. Wouldn't that be cute?

Here is moki's M.

Here is Stephanie's S.

Here are all the letters. I found some wooden blocks that I had painted a dark green for an unfinished Christmas project and decided to repaint those to use for the base. I twisted the wire around a marker and hot glued it in a hole drilled in the base and a hole in the bottom of each letter.

I've only received two of my L's so I will post those later.


Ninotchka said...

That is ADORABLE! You are so good, girl.

Troy said...

As a Walmart shareholder, I take offense to "evil walmart" reference. Walmart represents all that is American....oversized guadiness, location apathey, laissez fair economics built on the backs of rednecks, and anything you can think of for 97 cents.