Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Orchard

Saturday we had our annual trip to the orchard to pick up pumpkins and all the other fall accoutrements we can't live without.

I look so pissy because I am looking directly into the sun.

I'm a little bit pumpkin crazy. These are the three we ended up with from the orchard and they now reside on the front steps of the porch. We also have some smaller ones from the grocery. Arwyn gets excited about the pumpkins too, so how can I resist? No jack-o-lanterns yet, though. I prefer my pumpkins unmolested.

Here is Arwyn petting Pearl the Pig who is dining on rotten apples. A young man working at the orchard told us this pig used to belong to a local furniture salesman who kept Pearl at their store. They had to get rid of her because she was a health code violation. A pig is a health code violation?? Shocker!!

She didn't really care if I took her picture 50 times as long as I didn't touch the apple cider slushy. Share, schmare.

Happy fall, everyone.

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