Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm supposed to be writing a toast for JuJu's wedding reception which is in THREE DAYS. What I am actually doing is reading blogs and shopping for toothbrush accessories for Arwyn (thanks, Melissa!) which may sound frivilous but really isn't. Have you ever tried to teach a two-year-old to spit?

So I thought I'd share some funny things Arwyn has said and/or done lately before I forget and they are lost in the annals of time. I just typed "anals of time" and earlier I wrote "bookies", combining books and movies. Yes, let's get Arwyn her own personal bookie for Christmas. On to the list.

  • She got a new book called "No Hitting". One night she hit Bubby in the head with the book while chanting "No hitting! No hitting!", then she wanted him to read it to her. He refused on account of the book being violent in nature.
  • One day after school she heard her buddy Henry say that he wanted a special cookie. She kept whining and moaning for a "spesha cookie" and just would not let it drop. I realized this was one of those times when I should just buy the damn cookie already and keep my peace of mind for five minutes. We had to run some errands, so we stopped at a bakery to get the "spesha cookie". We walk in and look around, no cookies. Fourteen types of bread, muffins and scones but no cookies. So I did what any great mother would do. I bought a $7.00 bag of snickerdoodles with orange sprinkles. I later fobbed them off on my in-laws.
  • One afternoon we were playing outside and she was picking up sticks and attempting to throw them onto the stick pile. She kept letting go of the stick too late and it would fly over her head and land behind her. She would look around, perplexed why the stick wasn't ending up on the stick pile. After performing this little ritual three times in a row, she looked at me and said, "What's the deal, Mommy? What's the deal?"
  • One evening she turned the tv off and told her daddy he was in time out. Daddy was upset that she wouldn't tell him what he'd done wrong to deserve a time out AND turning the tv off.
There you have it. It's a laugh a minute around our house.

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natalie said...

Thank you for the laugh!!! ;)